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Millennium Gen II Anesthesia Machine

Millennium Gen II Anesthesia Machine

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Model Gen II

The Millennium Gen II has an intelligent design that reduces wear and tear, and increases longevity.  The torque guard needle valve assembly on the flowmeter prevents over-tightening and ultimately early replacement.  Unlike many absorbers made of plastic or low quality metals, our aluminum absorber never warps, shrinks or cracks and our soda lime canister is 2X thicker than the industry standard.  These and other features like:  stainless steel parts, common gas outlet with quick connect for non-rebreathing circuit, premium Porter manufactured flow meter, scavenger/popoff valve, built-in syringe holder, and main seal o-rings that are non-proprietary; set the Millennium apart from other anesthesia machines.  With the purchase of a new Millennium machine you will receive the following at no charge:  F/Air canister, F/Air canister bracket, 5 feet of scavenge hose, 10 feet of oxygen hose with 1/4" female diss fittings, Quick connect adapter for non-rebreathing circuit, Millennium allen wrench set, Millennium operating manual and Pediatric double limb breathing circuit. 

                                                                                                          Color Options
The Gen II is available in a number of different colors.  Our colors can be combined on any machine we offer to try and match the colors of your alma mater, your favorite sports team or the colors of your facility.  (Ask us about your favorite color when acquiring a quote; call us to discuss custom colors; special orders may take longer to fill if requested).  

                                                                                              INDUSTRY'S BEST WARRANTY
      We stand behind the Millennium.  While the industry's standard is five years, the Millennium carries a 10 year warranty, which can be extended to 15 years with annual service.                                                   

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