Veteran Owned & Operated

Our commitment to excellence is rooted in the values cultivated through military service – discipline, integrity, and unwavering dedication. At pi Veterinary Consultants, we bring the same ethos to provide you with top-notch sales & service. Choose us for quality with a purpose, as we continue to serve our community with the same passion that drove us in the military.

Our Founder

Meet the heart and soul of our company, Pasquale Iacono, the passionate founder behind our veterinary medical equipment venture. More than just a business leader, Pasquale is a family-oriented individual with a soft spot for his pet cats. He pours his dedication not only into our company but also into fostering a close-knit, caring community. You'll often find him networking within the veterinary circles, building relationships that go beyond transactions. With a genuine commitment to personalized service and a hands-on approach, Pasquale ensures that our small company delivers big on innovation and quality, driven by a shared love for animals and a belief in better veterinary care.

Canadian pump sales & service specialists

Established in 2015

Based in Ottawa, Canada, we are a leading provider of veterinary medical equipment sales and service. Specializing in pump sales and service, we also offer expert solutions for syringe pumps, anesthesia machines, disinfectant sprayers, patient warmers and more. With a commitment to excellence, we ensure the highest standards of equipment reliability for veterinary practices, contributing to optimal patient care.


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Pasquale Iacono and his highly skilled team has provided services and repairs to veterinary practices throughout Canada since 2015. To learn how we can provide help to you, contact us today for a free quote.