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Kennel Door Adapter for use with Cozy Warm Air Heater

Heat Without Hassle!  This is brilliant!

The Darvall Kennel Door Adapter kits allow you to duct warm air through cage doors into a warm air blanket without taping the door around a hose.  The kit can be used with most warm air heaters (heater hose connector included) and easily attaches to cage doors without tools. 

Static fit, no moving parts. Includes 8 blanket sample pack, universal hose fitting for use with other heaters and an extension hose (10") to be used on either the inside or outside of the cage if desired.

  • Position adapter in the lower corner on the hinge side of the cage door
  • Position the outlet plate and seal (red side) on the inside of the door and ensure all rods are going through the bars of the cage
  • Take the inlet plate (blue side) and line up the hole of the inlet plate with the rods of the outlet plate
  • Once lined up push the two pieces together and twist the blue side clockwise to lock into place.
  • Insert the hose from the heater into the inlet plate of the cage door adapter and the blanket connector tube into the outlet plate
  • Attach warm air blanket to the blanket connector on the KDA or the extension tube and follow direction of the heater.

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