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Colour Vision VIP 2000 Infusion Pump

Colour Vision VIP 2000 Infusion Pump

  • Trusted Nationwide
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Unmatched Value
  • The Vet Pro Infusion Pump is one of the most popular pumps in Canada!
  • Compact, Light Weight, and user friendly
  • Can be calibrated to any available Administration Set
  • Refurbished Pumps Available

Services offered


  • Manufacture Trained Staff
  • Manufacture Parts Used
  • Manufacture Calibration (Available Onsite!)
  • “Periodic Maintenance (PM) is recommended every 1 year” 
  • Vet Pro Operator Manual p. 96


  • Air In Line Alarm
  • Air Up Occlusion
  • Error 1 Send For Service
  • Low Battery
  • Not Charging
  • Door Issues
  • Error 2-39

We can help resolve all these issues in a timely manner!

Contact us today to learn more!  Phone: 613-371-0468 or Email:

More information

Operator's manual

The Colour Vision VIP 2000 Infusion Pump, meticulously designed to elevate veterinary care standards in your clinic. Tailored for veterinarian clinic owners, this advanced medical device offers a range of features that prioritize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and patient safety.

Key Features:

  1. Money-Saving Rechargeable Battery:
  2. Pre-Detection of Increase in Downstream Line Pressure:
  3. Post-Occlusion Bolus Reduction System:
  4. Built-in Free Flow Protection:

The Colour Vision VIP 2000 Infusion Pump is not merely a device but a strategic investment in advancing veterinary care. Experience the blend of cutting-edge technology, cost efficiency, and patient safety to elevate your clinic's infusion practices.

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