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Baxter Colleague Infusion Pump

Baxter Colleague Infusion Pump

  • Trusted Nationwide
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Unmatched Value
  • Reliable/Durable Infusion Pump
  • Available in single or triple configuration
  • No Longer Manufactured
  • Refurbished Pumps Available

Services offered


  • Manufacture Trained Staff
  • Refurbished Manufacture Parts Used
  • Manufacture Calibration (Available Onsite!)
  • “To ensure that pump performance is maintained, annual inspections should be performed by authorized service personnel ” 
  • Baxter Colleague Operator Manual p. 104


We can help resolve all  issues in a timely manner!

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Operator's manual

Introducing the COLLEAGUE CXE infusion pump, a precision medical device with advanced features for enhanced infusion management:

  • Three independent pump channels for versatile infusion capabilities
  • Basic and specialized programming for precise medication delivery
  • Customizable PERSONALITY feature sets for user preferences
  • Compatibility with Baxter standard administration sets and automatic tube loading
  • Label library with 64 predefined labels and space for up to 436 custom labels
  • COLLEAGUE GUARDIAN for clinical decision support and guideline adherence

Prioritizing safety and efficiency:

  • Programmable air sensor and downstream occlusion detection
  • Automatic restart within 60 seconds for corrected occlusions
  • Flow check graphic for in-line resistance awareness

Additional features for convenience:

  • Compatibility with various source containers
  • Panel lockout function to minimize tampering
  • Battery charge level indicator for transport
  • Delay Start feature for programmed infusions
  • Mounting clamp and communications port
  • Diagnostic functions for performance monitoring

Reliable, versatile, and user-friendly, the COLLEAGUE CXE is an essential tool for healthcare professionals.

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