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Baxter 6301 Infusion Pump

Baxter 6301 Infusion Pump

  • Trusted Nationwide
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Unmatched Value
  • Durable & Accurate Infusion Pump
  • Coveted by the Veterinary Community for its Reliable Performance
  • No Longer Manufactured
  • Refurbished Pumps Available

Services offered


  • Manufacture Trained Staff
  • Refurbished Manufacture Parts Used
  • Manufacture Calibration (Available Onsite!)
  • “Preventive Maintenance Procedures (every 12 months or as required)”
  • Baxter 6201 Service Manual p. 46 Table 6.2


  • Air Alarm
  • Occlusion Alarm
  • Low Battery
  • Door Issues
  • Error F-1 to F-99

We can help resolve all these issues in a timely manner!

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More information

Operator's manual

Introducing the Baxter 6301, a cutting-edge Dual Channel volumetric infusion pump designed for versatile and efficient medical fluid delivery. With the capability to administer a diverse range of fluids at various infusion rates, this pump stands out as a reliable choice for medical professionals.

Key Features:

  • Dual Channel Efficiency: The Baxter 6301 excels with its Dual Channels, enabling the simultaneous delivery of fluids to two patients. This dual functionality is made possible by the inclusion of two linear peristaltic pump heads, each with independent programming for simultaneous infusion of distinct solutions.
  • Precision Infusion Rates: Offering a precise flow rate, this infusion pump can deliver fluids at a range of 1-99.9 mL per hour, with increments as small as 0.1mL per hour. This level of accuracy is crucial for tailored patient care.
  • Extended Battery Life: With a robust battery life of 6 hours, the Baxter 6301 ensures uninterrupted operation, even when running one pump at a rate of 1 to 1400mL per hour.
  • Advanced Features for Safety and Convenience:

The Baxter 6301 Dual Channel volumetric infusion pump is not just a device; it's a sophisticated solution designed to meet the demands of modern healthcare settings, offering dual functionality, precision, and advanced safety features for enhanced patient care.

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